Image of ITALIAN GOLD "La Dolce Vita" Collection

ITALIAN GOLD "La Dolce Vita" Collection


Gold is a symbol of beauty since the ancient times, it's timeless and classic.
Wearing gold has been a sign of decadence, class, and wealth for many centuries, while still holding true against the test of time.
FIORI ' "ITALIAN GOLD" Luxe Hosiery in Nude Sheer Italian tulle and embellished with embroidered metallic gold thread.

No one does regal opulence like the Italians.....

Our FIORI Luxe Hosiery design is a modern take on the vintage stocking from the 1930's. Each sock has a beautifully stitched back seam. All embellished with a Gold Fiori Flower charm.Hand crafted in sunny California.

FABRIC: European ultra sheer stretch tulle "NUDE"

*SIZE: (USA Shoe Sizes)
SMALL: 5-6
LARGE: 9-10

Our one of a kind objects of Desire are delicate and require a bit more TLC than some other hosiery.
Hand wash flat dry.

"Our Luxe Hosiery Bloom in small batches, just like the flowers in our Garden. Pick them while they last.....they will be gone fast."


  • Image of ITALIAN GOLD "La Dolce Vita" Collection


  • Small: shoe size 5-6 - 100% in stock
  • Medium: shoe size 7-8 - 96% in stock
  • Large:shoe size 9-10 - 100% in stock